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The Jupiter Rum Story

The Jupiter Rum story is not so much about us as it is about paying tribute to our special little town. Having lived in Jupiter since the '70s we have countless memories of the little town that taught us how to live our best life!

Jupiter is a fascinating and unique town that we cherish. No effort is needed to fit in, you can be comfortable at Ralphs Stand Up Bar and Love Street on the same day. One of the best things about our hometown is the locals, from the cool ones to the crazy ones, and everyone in between. But no matter who they are they are the ones that taught us so many life lessons.

For us it was a place where we could sign for breakfast and our dad would pay the bill later, a place where parties could happen any day of the week on any street in town, with people you may or may not have known. A place where we knew all of the short cuts and hang-outs. 

From swimming with alligators on the Loxahatchee, to snorkeling in the inlet, this was Florida life at its best.

​Places that will always be in our hearts are the same as many locals; Double Roads, Corners, Stairs, Ski Beach, County Line, Log Cabin, Moroso and Banana Max to name a few!

Today’s Jupiter, although this is not quite the same, it is still quite the same. From the original Lighthouse to the Lighthouse Diner, Cato’s Bridge to the Reef Club, things change but remain the same.

The food has certainly stepped up over the years, with today’s restaurant lineup being nothing short of amazing. As if the water, people, and climate are not enough to make someone want to come here... the food is, and of course, the RUM.

As Jupiter has been growing over the past 30 plus years we have seen an enriched community, one filled with a cherished history and vibrant, exciting plans for the future.​ We hope to add to the charm and legacy with our Jupiter Rum brand.

​If you are from this special place, you know that you can leave but you never actually leave. Our hometown will always hold a special place in our heart because it has made us who we are today. And it will always be our “Home Sweet Home”.. 


We would be honored if take a bottle of Jupiter Rum home with you to share this special place with your friends back home!

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